Wild World’s inaugural fair in May of 2019 included panel discussions with industry insiders, as well as classroom-style discussions hosted by Lou Amdur of Lou Wine Shop in Los Angeles, CA, perhaps one of the most “well-drunk” and thoughtful retailers in the US. In addition to recordings of these conversations, which will be made available for download soon, candid perspectives were collected from among participants on all relevant subject matter surrounding natural wine, drawing both from mainstream market chatter and idea-sharing with in the industry.

4 Perspectives on “Mouse” Taint from Wild World Austin
Mouse taint is the scourge of natural wine. It’s the halitosis, the body odor, it’s the dead rodent piss
in the glass that's enough to drive a natural winemaker to use sulfur.

ZAFA, Burlington, VT
“As a young winemaker my job is to avoid releasing mousey wines…” 

Broc CellarsBerkeley, CA
“There’s always exceptions to the rule. My sparkling Chenin, when you open it and try it, you pick up mouse fairly quickly…” 

LOU AMDUR, Retailer
Lou Wine Shop, Los Angeles, CA
“I think it is a product defect that we should not stand for…”

ERIC TEXIER, Winegrower/Winemaker
Rhône, FR
“In Copenhagen… they feel safe finding in wine what they used to find in beer…”

Watch the full panel on mouse taint here